2017: 365 days, 52 cake limit


2016 was the year of the cake. Too many cakes scoffed in too little time.

2017 will be the year of 52 cakes. A cake a week, or 52 cakes in one week. I can eat them whenever I like, but I can’t eat more than 52. It’s a 52 cake limit.

Why? Because I need to stop eating so much cake.

Disclaimer: The term ‘cake’ here is shorthand for cakes, desserts, puddings, sweet pastries, etc. etc. etc. All those yummy things.

Taste scale:

1 = the worst cake I have ever eaten (a scone from an unnamed art gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne)

10 = the best cake I have ever eaten (our wedding cake. Not for any romantic reason, it just tasted great)