#5 Brownie 

I shouldn’t have had this cake. When I was little brownies were delicious. Sweet with a crunchy top and squishy middle. Perfection. These days they are like a rock of rich dark chocolate (not real chocolate in my opinion). I forgot. I wasted #5 on a cake I could only eat a quarter of. Sad times. Maybe this will teach me to choose wisely with the rest of my 52 cakes…

Was it a cake? According to Wikipedia, it is a “dessert square.” I probably would have called it a tray bake, but then what do I know? But I digress, yes, it is a cake. A square cake that can be eaten for dessert and is baked in a tray.

Taste: Too rich for me…but probably a chocolate lovers paradise

Taste rating: 3/10

Comments: When will I learn that me and chocolate cake just aren’t going to work out? We need to move on, learn to love other cakes, and just enjoy our lives without each other.

Date eaten: Thursday 19th January

Days since last cake: 3



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