The other day, I accidentally picked up someone else’s till receipt at a Tesco self-service. The contents of their basket filled me with glee. Let’s take this one item at a time:

Fresh milk – standard grocery item

Ckn jalfrezi – I’m assuming this is ‘chicken’ jalfrezi, and what a bargain! It’s at a reduced price. No idea what the original price was, but who cares, it’s at a reduced price!

Plain naans – an excellent accompaniment to ckn jalfrezi. Yes! Good work!

Mango chutney – an excellent accompaniment to ckn jalfrezi and plain naans. Yes! Good work!

Salad – oh yes, a wonderful healthy choice here. Will complement the spice of the ckn jalfrazi nicely. What a dinner selection! This all started with a reduced price ckn jalfrezi and it has snowballed into a superb meal.

Jelly babies – oh. I see. Well, sometimes people just have a sweet tooth, and they need to follow spicy food with a little something sweet. It’s perfectly fine, doesn’t detract anything from their meal so far. No, if anything, this makes the meal better!

Jelly babies – ANOTHER packet of jelly babies? Are you insane? You know the salad you bought? Forget it. You might as well not bother.

Jam doughnuts – me and you are done. 


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