#11 and #12 ‘Homemade’ Afternoon Tea

Posh afternoon tea at expensive local hotel has been postponed, as a small person who lives with me has The Pox. Luckily, it’s of the chicken, not the small variety, and although he’s spotty enough to scare off other diners, he’s actually still pretty happy. So, I ‘made’ afternoon tea at our house. Well, I made the sandwiches, and bought the scones and small cakes, which is about as homemade as I get. Technically I ate 5 cakes today, but as 4 were small and I left half of two of them, I figure that together they were the size of a normal mid-to-large sized portion of cake. Hey, you got a problem with that? Well, my blog, my rules!

Was it a cake? #11 was a fruit scone with strawberry conserve and clotted cream. What is a scone? You can have savoury versions, so probably not a cake. Once again I turn to Wikipedia and discover it is ‘quick bread’, whatever that is. #12 was a selection of Mr Kipling / Sainsbury’s cakes (lemon, battenberg, carrot, Bakewell). Yes, that is ONE CAKE! I squeezed them together, so it was like a cake sandwich. One large cake sandwich.

Taste: The scone tasted like a scone. The cake sandwich tasted of lemon, carrot, almond and general cakeyness.

Taste rating: 3/10-8/10

Date: Sunday 19th March

Days since last cake: 15


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