#13 The icing on the birthday cake

There were 2 requests for my birthday cake: not chocolate, lots of icing. Husband stood in front of the birthday cake selection in our local supermarket and discovered that the options were chocolate cake, chocolate cake, and chocolate cake. Solution – add icing to a Victoria sponge, and voila, the perfect birthday cake! 

I call it the ‘Iced Queen Victoria sponge cake, also known as a Victoria sandwich, but that is confusing because sandwiches are mostly savoury, with a jam sandwich an example of a exception to the savoury rule.’

Or ‘ice queen cake’ for short.

The ‘H’ is to honor my initial, but I also like to think of it as a tribute to Arnold J. Rimmer, BSc, SSc.

Was it a cake? Oh yes, a completely original Ice Queen Cake. Not to be confused with an Ice Cream Cake or a Queen Cake. See, totally original.

Taste: Like a Victoria Sponge Cake with icing.

Taste rating: 8/10. Turns out there is a thing as too much icing.

Date: Wednesday 22nd March

Days since last cake: 3


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