#16 A friend bearing cake

There was a knock at the door. Standing in front of me was a person holding a lemon cake. They were immediately welcomed inside. Luckily, this person was my friend, rather than a random stranger, because the cake would have got them inside either way. Really, two friends knocked on the door, as I consider Lemon Cake to be an old pal of mine. I might even refer to Lemon Cake as an ‘extra special’ companion. Especially this one, as ‘extra special’ was literally it’s middle name. Asda Extraspecial Lemoncake.

Was it a cake? Yes, an extra special one at that

Taste: To be honest, I’ve got a bit behind on my blog and I can’t actually remember. I know it was a lemon cake and it featured white chocolate shavings, so I’m going to opt for ‘lemoney with a tinge of white chocolate.’ Maybe I should try another one? Y’know, just to make sure.

Taste rating: No idea. Probably 7/10. It’s usually 7/10.

Date eaten: Wednesday 19th April

Days since last cake: 16


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