#17 Saturday nosh 

Sometimes it’s a Saturday and sometimes, because it’s a Saturday, you eat a cake. It was a Saturday. I ate a cake. Simple. Not ‘simples’ because it hasn’t been OK to say ‘simples’ since a meerkat said it on a TV advert in 2009. What was I talking about? Probably cake.

Was it a cake? Not really. It was more of a Lemon and Sultana Danish. Marks & Spencer seem to be getting a lot of my cake trade. Insert appropriate emoji here.

Taste: Tasty. Like a Danish pastry covered in lemon icing.

Taste rating: 8/10. Possibly the tastiest Danish I’ve eaten. But it only gets 8/10 because a tasty lemon Danish doesn’t beat a tasty lemon sponge cake. Simples.

Date: Saturday 22nd April

Days since last cake: 3



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