#18 It’s a Pizza Cake

My favourite two things in the world are pizza and cake. And my son. Let me rephrase. My favourite two things to eat are pizza and cake. So imagine my delight to see ‘pizza cake’ on a pub menu. A pizza base topped with cakey things like pieces of brownie, ice cream, milk chocolate buttons, white chocolate buttons, banana (maybe too healthy?), icing sugar, mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, red sauce (strawberry? Raspberry? Tomato sauce?) and of course, what everyone longs for on their pizza cake, mint leaves.

I’ve written a joke to commemorate the Pizza Cake.

Q: How do you combine your two favourite types of food?

A: It’s a pizza cake!*

Taste: More like a cake than a pizza. Take a pizza base and top it with the ingredients of a Rocky Road. I wonder what a sponge cake base, topped with tomato and mozzarella would taste like? Probably not good.

Taste rating: It was quite rich. I blame the mint leaves. 7/10

Date eaten: Friday 28th April

Days since last cake: 6

* Sounds like ‘piece of cake!’ As in, meaning ‘it’s easy!’ It’s funny, right?! No? Oh well, I’m sorry. Go and write your own joke then, philistine (walks off in a huff)


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