#19 Not a sandwich

It was lunchtime, I wanted a sandwich, but I got a cake. Maybe a Victoria Sandwich would have been a good compromise, but unfortunately they’d run out of that too, so I had a slice of carrot, orange and poppy seed cake. It was pretty good, but it wasn’t a sandwich. I really wanted a sandwich. What kind of cafe ‘runs out of sandwiches’ at 1.30pm? Who is running this place? Food mavericks? Showing the world the proper times to eat food? Cake for lunch, roast for breakfast, cornflakes for tea? Well they are wrong. Get me a cheese butty, it’s sandwich time!

Taste: More like cake than sandwich. Carrot, orange and poppy seeds are all perfectly reasonable sandwich items, which just makes the situation so much worse

Taste rating: For the sheer disappointment of it not tasting like cheese, 5/10

Date eaten: Wednesday 3rd May

Days since last cake: 5


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