#20 Choccy Coffee

I entitle this photo ‘remnants of a birthday cake’ or alternatively ‘Jeez, that’s a big scary knife.’ That’s not a knife! Yes, it is, Paul Hogan, yes it is. I love a birthday cake, especially a homemade one. Especially when I haven’t had to make it. As such, this cake is getting full marks. Even though … More #20 Choccy Coffee

#17 Saturday nosh 

Sometimes it’s a Saturday and sometimes, because it’s a Saturday, you eat a cake. It was a Saturday. I ate a cake. Simple. Not ‘simples’ because it hasn’t been OK to say ‘simples’ since a meerkat said it on a TV advert in 2009. What was I talking about? Probably cake. Was it a cake? Not really. … More #17 Saturday nosh 

#14 Cartmel stick

The home of sticky toffee pudding looks exactly like it does on the box. Except for the sign advertising segway rides. And the BT telephone box. And the lack of an oversized whisk in the window. But I’m just being picky. It’s a lovely little place, but let’s cut to the chase. We’re here for … More #14 Cartmel stick